Jun 4

your not a producer if you just sell beats. There's more to being a producer then that. Actually, a producer doesn't really make beats. Some do though.

You need contacts so I suggest you get some. Take a course at school.

May 30

im planning out my sweet 15 soon and i want to get a celeberity ( Lil Wayne ) there to sing. Does anyone know how much you have to pay for that? And how can you get in contact with the people?

Lol uhh.. unless you are filthy filthy rich (like millions of dollars) and you have some great connections, it's not gonna happen.

May 25

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May 8

Miley cyrus performs private concert for guests of her new movie

On wednesday april 3rd, I took my son to the world premiere of hanna
montana the movie. I want to describe the event from the red carpet to
the barbecue at the end of the red carpet, serving tri tip beeth with
heavy bbq sauce and hamburgers and macaroni and cheese or coleslaw.
Inside the el capitan theatre on hollywood blvd we were entertained by
a organ player, playing every classic disney song you ever dreamed of
hearing. On the screen was the red carpet live. Inside was more bbq as
much as we wanted plus about 8 varieties of drinks including water and
a commemarative hanna montanna popcorn bucket.

The director spoke breifly before the movie, then the curtains started
opening. We watched the movie and as it said the end on the screen,
the movie screen lifted and there was miley cyrus standing and a full
orchestra of strings and a rock band and backup singers. She sang 2 or
3 songs then her father came out and sang 2 songs. Miley returned to
the stage and hugged billy ray (her dad).

Next to us, was terry hatcher and her daughter. I thought she looked
so young, I almost didn’t recognise her.

Taylor swift looked amazing, and even demi lovato showed up. But where
was the jonas brothers?

As we left, the limos were all parked in the closed off street of
hollywood blvd.

The movie featured miley, emily, her brother, father and a couple
friends from the tv show, taylor swift sang a song in the movie but
that was it for recognizable
Teens. There was so many new faces, and while they did not have huge
roles, they were in the movie.

Billy ray cyrus wanted the movie to be made back home where they are
from, so they made a large part of the movie in the state of tennasee,
and used local teens in the movie.

So we not only got to walk the same red carpet as miley cyrus, but we
watched a movie in the same theatre as miley cyrus and saw a private
concert of miley cyrus for the small movie theatre seated guests.

This was an experience of a lifetime that we will never forget.

Rob Tencer PR

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Apr 8

Download the music: www.legaldownload.net English Jumpstyle How-To instruction video. The easiest way for our international viewers to learn it! Visit my website www.patrickjumpstyle.com and click on the American/English flag and find some music, other Tutorial videos and a big community! Special thanks to Dion for starring in this video next to me , and to Jeroen Flamman for filming it This video cost me over 20 hours to make , edit and voice over so you better LEARN it right haha Patrick …

Duration : 0:9:51

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Apr 3

I saw the hanna montana movie last night at the red carpet premiere and wanted to let my visitors know, that there was so much room for young actors and actresses not living in LA or NY, that it shows that anyone can be in a big disney movie

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Apr 1

Im writing a children's book and I will be making the illustrations.

How do I contact a publisher once I am finished?


This is a very good article with useful links about publishing children's books.

Mar 30

How To Contact Spirits, Angels, and Departed Loved Ones (2001)
With the guidance of Spiritualist, Reiki master, and Hypnotherapist Steve Murray, you’ll learn how to contact spirits. Includes thorough instructions on how to prepare for spiritual connections, a step-by-step guide on how exactly to contact the spirits, and a spirit channeled prayer/meditation to help open spiritual awareness. Many other interesting topics are discussed in this special program.

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Mar 30

16 persons are in my "Contact" list and 34 persons have expressed that they are my"Fans" and I have accepted all the 50 of them.They all would be busy with their own work and avocations.How can my mark my questions to them,so that they may be willing to see them and perhaps give their replies?

Basically, it's up to them. They can check an option in their profile as to whether or not they want your questions to be streamlined to their email. Otherwise, your question automatically shows up in their profile…no need to do anything extra. ;)

Mar 26

I am trying to host a charity benefit for Domestic Violence with The Break The Cycle Organization. It would be the icing on the cake if I could get Rihanna to come and speak about her experiences. How can I contact her?
the organization is called Break The Cycle. i want her to speak about her experience and why she got back together with him.

I doubt that at this time Rihanna would be interested in doing something of the sort. It seems like shes still dealing with whats happening to her and I think everyone should just leave the girl to think.

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I am a father who lost his children.
From one father to another, you are not alone.

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