Nov 9

IMDB used to have a page specifically for horror, but they recently took that away. Anybody know why?

Not sure what kind of page you’re looking for but they have one for horror films. Just go to Movies > Genres > Horror.

And here’s another page for horror in general:

Nov 5

I’ve heard the term "IMDB regular user", but how does your vote count in the top 250 list?

According to the IMDb:

"To maintain the effectiveness of the top 250 list, we deliberately do not and will not disclose the criteria used for a person to be counted as a regular voter."

May 18

Hi I am an actor and would like to get exposure to the arts industry.
Preferably more auditions.
Does IMDb do that?

Teresa zaidan

Nope. You have to haven in a film to be on the site. And not a student film. A legitimate movie that you could buy on amazon.

Apr 21

I want to make a new IMDB account, but it says you need a cell phone and they will call it or send a text. But I dont have a cell phone, have NO desire to have one, and do not like talking on the phone. It used to be link to amazon account. How can I create a new IMDB account without a cell phone ??
Any help would be appreciated.

Use an email account
– Just something YOU can reply from.

Feb 14

Seeing as those of the boards do, I was wondering if I could receive some form of clarification.

What’s IMDb?

Oct 19

On a film’s main page on IMDB there is just one review shown, how does IMDB decide which review this should be, as it does not always reflect the average rating?

They have an editing department (online) that goes through many reviews and details the most influential ones -a summary. They have also created (they employ many software engineers) software that collects millions of pageviews and user information on films, tv, music, etc. They are above all, movie fanatics and may occasionally throw in their ‘rev’, but overall the reviews are pretty reliable.

Aug 10

I know this search exists, I used it before but now can’t manage to find it.

From the standard search at the top of every IMDb page, click on the word "search" or select "advanced search" from the drop down menu to take you to the advanced search page – . Under "Title Text Search", select "Soundtracks" from the drop down menu and enter your search term(s).

Feb 12

What’s needed for the Internet Movie Database to consider a new film festival worth listing on its pages?

I think you have to be a member of IMDbPro.

Jan 30

it’s like they keep a dictionary in front of them, so they’ll have big words at their fingertips.

It’s an ego thing because they are really insecure.

Dec 18

Recently Conan O’Brien mentioned an obscure movie on his show that caused it’s IMDB rating to jump up. Does anyone remember the name of the movie?

kill dozer, Leprechaun in the Hood, Leprechaun: Back to the Hood

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