Oct 12

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Mar 20

The best sports agents in the world are:

tom condon – caa sports
arn tellem – wmg management
scott boras – scott boras corp.
drew rosenhaus – rosenhaus sports
Jason Rosenhaus
- rosenhaus sports
phil de picciotto – octagon
ben dogra – caa sports
mark steinberg – img golf
mark bartelstein – priority sports and entertainment
peter carlisle – octagon
sandy montag – img
seth levinson – aces inc.
pat brisson – caa sports
donne meehan – newport sports management
joel segal – best football
casey close – caa sports
bill duffy – bda sports
jill smoller – wma
eugene parker – maximum sports management
danny lozano – beverly hills sports council

maverick carter – lrmr

Jeff Berry – caa
Nez Balelo – caa
Greg Landry – caa
Joe Urbon – caa
Brodie Van Wagenen – caa

if you want to become a sports agent, I recommend you click here

Hollywood-based Creative Artists Agency scored a touchdown by luring superstar sports agent Tom Condon–the inspiration for the central character in the film “Jerry McGuire”–away from International Management Group.

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Jul 28

My son and daughter recently were in a movie with well known actors. They have never had a imdb account created. I don’t know if I set their profile up? Who adds them to the cast of a movie, do I or the administration for the movie? If they do, would they add them without a profile somehow or is it not possible for them to be added without me cram eating an account?

Also, I didn’t know how to do it, but I tried to sign the children up and it won’t let me add their real birthdates because they are minors under age 18. Is this normal, do I put a fake birthdate in to create an account or is there a different way to add children to the database?
Thanks for any help. If i can’t figure it out I will call their agent Monday.
Oh my. My typing on my cellphone is bad. I just reread my question and see all the typos. My apologies.
Both the children had speaking roles.

So if they don’t have an imdb account if they had speaking roles thy should still add them and their names should be listed? I see a lot of people have been added but not the kids. Did somebody forget to add the kids and if I add them how do I set up an account to add them when they are under the age of 18, it won’t accept their birthdate. Thank you

You’re talking about having an IMDB resume. This is only available when youre a member of IMDBpro which you have to pay a monthy fee for. Its kind of like backstage.com.

Mar 13

im looking for an agent there are some at backstage.com but to get there issue magazine it cost soo much .. and i was wondering if imdb gives you talent agents info.

IMDB will give you generic talent agency information like their company not a direct contact. You can later run a google search for their name and "email"

Feb 3

I always love using imdb while watching movies, and seeing who directed the film and acted in the film and how different films connect. Is there an application that does the same thing with artists and composers showing biographies, and how certain bands collide with one another?


When you type in any artist in the search bar, their page displays tabs, one of which is "Related", showing similar artists and influences.

Dec 11

Some idiot put my full name on IMDB with a credit to an embarrassing video. Is it possible to delete my page entirely? Is it possible to delete this credit, at least?

I’ve tried to do both of these things and it never goes through. What am I supposed to be doing?

Please help me! Thanks!

No idiot do

Be virus, uninstall the program. International movie data base..

F/8. In safe mode

Dec 3

I finished my project for school but I a problem when it comes to the reference part. I used a short review from the IMDb site for a movie, but I don’t know how to cite it in APA style.. Help? : )

The best site I found to use for references and citations in APA style was the owl at purdue: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ It covers lots of different scenarios and is user friendly. I used it all through college. GOOD luck!

Nov 15

I’m on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) and I’ve written some reviews on movies that I’ve seen, but my reviews don’t seem to be well-received by the other IMDB users because they often give my reviews "No". I don’t know if it means they don’t like my review or they just disagree with me. But sometimes I feel my reviews aren’t well written. How can I write a better movie review?

Take a look at the site below as it offers some good tips on this subject


Nov 13


Obviously Mother Russia said to lie.

Nov 9

On the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb) why can’t I add pictures and posters to movies and why would I have to pay? I mean I can just google it and the real pictures come up so why can’t IMDb just have them? I was just searching for a TV show on IMDB and I couldn’t find it because there wasn’t a poster for it.

I am surprised ordinary people can even register on IMDb.
Although viewable to all, the site is supposed to be for use by genuine actors.
I know this because my wife is on there – small parts in "Law and Order SVU" and other shows. If professional users have to pay why should random people expect it for free.
It is not a site for "adding" pictures and posters. It is the studio or network that provides both the data and any pictures

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